Nuria’s family

These three were adorable! Usually the ones behind the camera, but this time i had the honor to photograph them as a family. We went to the Frankendael Park and hit the best day weather wise. Did you know Nuria makes her own crochet items? The blue flower-headband was made by Nuria and also her own salmon coloured shawl! If you’d like to know more about this, contact me through this page so i can send you straight to Nuria’s shop 🙂

Now enjoy a selection of the photos!

*English because of their native language*


NuriaLowRes5 NuriaLowRes6 NuriaLowRes25 NuriaLowRes24 NuriaLowRes22 NuriaLowRes21 NuriaLowRes20 NuriaLowRes19 NuriaLowRes18 NuriaLowRes17 NuriaLowRes9NuriaLowRes14 NuriaLowRes13

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